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Kevin Walzer and Lori Jareo, publishers, software developers, Mac/iPhone users, and small business owners.

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Mon, 04 Jun 2018

GDPR compliance

If you visit any of the dozen or so websites that we operate, you'll see a popup dialog asking you to consent to our use of cookies for advertising. This is to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect in late May. These regulations apply even to non-EU-based businesses such as ours, as we do have some customers in Europe and our sites are available there. (For more about DGPR, see this article.)

We have striven to comply with GDPR guidelines by obtaining consent for use of cookies in Google Adsense ads, updating our privacy policy, and by stripping out a lot of cookie use that our sites previously had (our analysics tool no longer writes cookies, and we've stripped out a lot of social media links). The dialogs requesting consent involved some JS hacking, which took about a weekend to complete.

We will continue to follow the evolution of GDPR, and keep our sites compliant as these rules emerge.

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