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Sun, 06 Mar 2016

Moving from Jo to JQuery Mobile

I have decided to move away from Jo as my mobile app toolkit of choice to JQuery Mobile. Jo is a lovely, powerful, lightweight JavaScript framework, and its design fit my head better than most other libraries I've worked with. Unfortunately, development on it has essentially halted and it no longer has a visible community surrounding it. When I started doing mobile developent a few years ago, I looked at JQuery Mobile, but it was in its infancy, its performance was dreadfully slow, and its design--mixing HTML and JavaScript in a single HTML file--was not to my taste. Its design remains (to me) an acquired taste, but I've grown more comfortable with it, and its performance has improved greatly. Moreover, it is actively developed, and has an enormous community surrounding it. So I'll be using it going forward.

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It's not for lack of activity that we've failed to update this space for a long time. In fact, it's a reflection of how busy we've been. Here are a few updates:

Windows: Ironically, we had decided to keep our software products focused on the Mac, but then reversed course and are now slowly porting several software products to Windows. The only reason we can offer is that the potential upside outweighed the hassles. So, a lot of work is being invested in these Windows ports, and they are being rolled out slowly.

Backup: Time Machine has worked beautifully. No more rsync. Great work, Apple.

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