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Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Keynote speaker at Tcl/Tk conference

Last week I was the keynote speaker at the Tcl/Tk conference, the major annual gathering of Tcl/Tk developers. I discussed my work as maintainer of Tk on OS X, talking about the business case for supporting Macs, the history of Tcl/Tk on the Mac, the current landscape, best practices for deploying Tcl/Tk apps on OS X, and what faces us going forward.

Slides of my talk are here: http://www.slideshare.net/KevinWalzer/the-universal-developer-deploying-modern-tcltk-solutions-on-the-mac .

I'd like to thank the Tcl/Tk conference committee for the invitation. It's a real honor and I'm glad to share what I've learned.

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Installing Macs is cost-effective

In news that will surprise no one who uses Macs on a regular basis, but which may be surprising for large companies that mainly deploy Windows PC's: Mac users are far less expensive to support than Windows users.

IBM announced a partnership with Apple a year or two ago to deploy the iPad on a widespread basis at IBM, and to provide support for iPad apps customized for IBM's use. IBM has also been rolling out Macs for use in the enterprise, and the numbers are truly eye-popping:

Bottom line from an IBM official: "Every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money."

More information: http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/10/15/only-5-of-mac-users-at-ibm-need-help-desk-support-compared-to-40-of-pc-users

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