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Fri, 13 Dec 2013

Power Users Guide to OS X Server, Mavericks Edition

Ars Technica, which is famous for its exhaustive reviews of new releases of OS X, has brought the same level of scrutiny to Mavericks Server.

After providing a detailed discussion of each aspect of Mavericks Server, the review concludes by noting the recent transition of OS X Server from an "enterprise"-level product to one optimized for small and home businesses:

Is OS X Server for you? If your household or small business uses mostly Macs, iPhones, and iPads and even one of the services here piqued your interest, then yes. The barriers to entry (both financial and technical) are lower than they've ever been, and you didn't have to pay for Mavericks anyway. If you have a lot of Windows and Linux systems in the mix, OS X Server is not without its uses, but you should probably start your search elsewhere.

That's a fair assessment. Our experience with Mavericks Server has been very solid--it has definitely moved past the issues that we encountered with the Lion version of the server app--but we fit the small business profile Apple is targeting here. We never made much use of the advanced features of the older server setup, so now that Mavericks Server is operating smoothly, we don't miss the more expensive setup.

In any event, the Ars Technica review is a great resource in looking at Mavericks Server; check it out.

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