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Wed, 21 Aug 2013

Apple in the enterprise

Here's an excellent article that discusses Apple's complex relationship with corporate environments. The article makes several salient points: one, while Apple products will never be as widely used in large business environments as hardware from IBM, HP and similar firms, Apple has gained an increasing presence in corporate circles through employee demand and especially with the emergence of the iPhone and iPad, providing an increasing range of tools to manage these devices; and second, Apple's server products have evolved away from targeting large corporate environments to small business settings, with an emphasis on simplicty and ease-of-use over power and scalability.

Speaking as long-time Apple server users from the days when Apple was making a serious play for the large corporate market with its offerings, we can confirm that the more recent shift toward small businesses does sacrifice some power for simplicity, but the server OS remains viable. It is also surprising to see how extensive Apple's offerings for the corporate sector are with regards to device management (as distinguished from a server platform). The roaring success of the iPhone has not just come in the consumer sector, but also the corporate sector, and Apple has quietly emerged as a major player here. For those of us who have used Macs in a business context for years, that's gratifying to see.

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